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Sugar, key and port: The epic of Batey Central Barahona

Sugar, key and port: The epic of Batey Central Barahona

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The rescue of the historical memory of the peoples - particularly of the sugar mills - is latent in this epic text. Through blows of verse and prose laden with musicality and excellent rhetorical figures, achieved with attractive language, Juan Matos, Poet Laureate of Worcester, MA., Reaffirms the African-American identity of his origin, restores the lives of men and women who for generations worked with dignity and tenacity in what for a century was the backbone of the Dominican country's economy through the sugar mills. This work is a testimony to the anthropological value of the bateyeros communities. Even in the process of disappearing, the plural voice of the poet highlights them; He does the same with the legacy of the gone and present, condemned to the worst of deaths: the death of oblivion.

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