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They also have my name

They also have my name


Aurorita just turned ten and is one of the best in her class. She is cheerful and educated, and dreams of being a doctor. But her plans could be thwarted by a dangerous wolf that stalks her: Don Victoriano, the richest landowner in the region.


Don Victoriano, still in his seventies, believes he is "a man with hair on his chest"; and nothing would strengthen that vile fantasy more than his macabre plans. Therefore, having bought the land where Aurorita and her parents live, she has given her father an ultimatum: "You have ten days to leave me these empty lands."


Don Victoriano knows that these humble people have no money to pay him. That's why he pressures them: he has a proposal for the girl's father.


Cesar Sanchez Beras (Annual Prize for Theater, Poetry, and Children's Literature) brings us this shocking novel for young people, betting that a well-told story does as much or more good than a sermon or advice. the characters ofThey also have my namethey feel real and accessible because the author is a student of human behavior, an experimenter of circumstances, which he fully explores and analyzes in order to reconfigure them into stories full of life, beauty, teachings, and poetry... such as this one.


With precise language and subtly decorated prose with poetic twists, César brings us a powerful story of selfishness, machismo, and twisted traditions, but also of filial love, the power of friendship, and the conviction that good has a chance when it is done. Believe on him.



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