Thinking about the comfort and financial convenience of our customers, we offer simultaneous services of editing and printing at really competitive prices.


Our Package includes:


Editing (Text Grammar correction, Content analysis…)

Publication (Diagraming, Book Design…)

One Printed sample (Used to finalize the editing process. This sample is handed to the author for its revision and approval. It is later minutely revised by the editor, taking into account the suggestions and/or changes done by the author.) At this point changes in content are not allowed.


Free Marketing through all Books&Smith available channels, including social media, marketing propaganda and events.


Free positioning in the sales lists of all principal bookseller websites: Amazon, Books&smith, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, among many others.


Free invitation and admission to the various literary events organized by Books&Smith, as well as most of the main book fairs, literary events, cultural exchanges to which Books&Smith is normally invited. (Each author is responsible for their expenses including, but not limited to, transportation, food, printed books and hotel accommodations) 


Free marketing through photo and video galleries at said events.


All rights to your book remain your sole possession.


Free ISBNs where Books&Smith shows as the Publisher and you as the Author.


No exclusivity contract with Books&Smith. (We believe in the author’s freedom to distribute his or her work as they see fit. We, however, reserve the right to NOT release the end-product PDF created by Books&Smith.)


A Book Cover is quite often the only reason why a book that has never been recommended gets chosen off a shelf. It is the face of the book: the more attractive, the better the possibilities that someone picks it up, even if just to read what it is about or who the author is.

Books&Smith offers professional high-quality Cover Design services at highly competitive prices.


Editing and Publication

Cover Design


Books&Smith guarantees affordable prices for translations from English-Spanish/Spanish-English, and French-Spanish/Spanish-French.


Due to the varied nature of literary works and their levels of complexity, we convene with each author, after reviewing the work at hand, in order to reach a satisfactory agreement for both.


It is our goal to provide a serious platform that can work as a trampoline for the publishing dreams of both novice and experienced writers, who wish to maintain absolute control over their work and to have it cross  over the boundaries of their original language. 

We are committed to offering professional translation works of utmost quality for a fraction of traditional market costs.

Important information on printing process

Books&Smith offers ODP (On-demand Printing). ODP gives you the advantage of being able to print as few as just ten (10) books, or the amount that best serves your budget. Price per book is determined beforehand and does not vary regardless of amount ordered. 
Traditionally, an independent author needs to invest thousands of dollars in order to have their book printed. Commonly, a printing business won't print anything below five-hundred (500) units.
Since our main goal is to help writers to publish their books, we suggest a first draw of thirty (30) to fifty (50) books, based on their trajectory and/or popularity 
Each printed book sold leaves the author a margin of income of a 75% to a 90%.   
Disclaimer: Books&Smith is not to be held accountable for any book's financial failure. We have no commitment in regards to book sales and we do not guarantee success in any form. Success, critical and financial, of a book is the sole responsibility of its content and the emphasis of its writer on proper, imaginative marketing.