Back in 2013, Argentinian poet and friend Jeniffer Moore, having read some of my poetry and short stories on Facebook, motivated me enough to publish my first books. I had no idea how to do that, though. So what I did was research, try, err, try some more, err some much more, until I finally got the hang of it, and learned the process, the many processes and intricacies involved in self-publishing a book. 

So far, I have published twelve books of my own and about twenty in total. I have mastered the many aspects of the publishing process and, having experienced first-hand how frustrating and demanding it can be, I decided just a couple of years ago to found Books&Smith. Our goal is simple: we want to help you to publish your book at a very affordable price and guide you, holding your hand, through the pathways we have already journeyed.  We know what to do and how to do it. We know who to contact to open some doors and have figured out what things work better than others. We have come to comprehend that the hardest realization writers have is the fact that the actual writing may be the easiest part of becoming a published author.  Creating a book that meets all publishing, quality, content and aesthetics standards is no easy task. Marketing such a book is yet at another level. So, for these things, Books&Smith was conceived. 


Of course, in writing, as in most talent-based careers, there is no straight road to success and certainly no guarantees of what will be loved and what ignored. What Books&Smith offers you is high-quality services (editing, proofreading, interior and cover design, etc.) and marketing solutions to make your book as close to your dream as possible and as competitive in this tough market as need be. 

Edgar Smith

Edgar Smith is a  poet, writer, editor and translator from the Dominican Republic. He studied Marketing, taught English as a Second language for over fifteen years (with a Focus on English Grammar), studied German and has published nine books: El Palabrador (short stories, 2013), Algunas Tiernas Imprecisiones (poetry, 2013), Island Boy (poetry, 2014), La Inmortalidad del cangrejo (novel, 2015), Versenal (poetry, 2016), Cuentos raros (short stories, 2016), Randomly, a poem (poetry, 2016), The Wordsmith (Short stories, 2017) Gnuj & Alt (novel, 2017), Verso y Lágrima (poetry, 2018), Puro cuento (short stories, 2018) and arrimao (novel, 2018). His poetry has been featured in magazines and anthologies both in English and Spanish and his work in general has positioned him as one of the most promising contemporary voices in the Literary Hispanic Community in the United States, having been invited to read at colleges, libraries and private events, such as Lehman College and Naugatuck Valley Community College, among others. He is also the director of FILDOM (The International Book Fair of the Dominican Republic Abroad).